God’s timing is always perfect

At times God seems to be taking too long to answer our prayers and it might feel like he has distant himself from us or he has turned his back on us.We pray so hard and at some point end up loosing our faith but what l have noticed in these past years is that God’s timing is always the best even though he may seem to have answered our prayers late.When we pray to GOD  we should always have faith in him that what we ask from him he will provide according to his riches in glory,he knows what we need and at the right time he will deliver and when the blessings finally come they will be bigger than what you’ve actually asked for.

The people that are around you might seem to be excelling and God might seem to be answering their prayers on time  yet you still stuck at the same point but you shouldn’t let that pressure you.Even though things seem not to be going well and everything seems to be going west you should keep your faith and never get tired of praying to God, Sarah the wife of Abraham kept her faith that God will give her a child and the chances of her having a child kept getting slimmer as she got older and  older but she kept on praying and praying until her prayers where answered and she never lost hope.

When God seemed not to be answering they  prayed harder and harder and they didn’t lose their faith they kept it and hoped even though they seemed to be running out of time and they were getting older and older.It might seem like you are running out of time and everyone around you is getting married,graduating,starting up businesses, getting jobs and you still seem to be still stuck at at the same point you where last year or 2 years back but your time is coming for you to shine like others and God is looking and he will give you what you need just in time.

God doesn’t delay to answer our prayers just because he loves to see us suffer but at times it is just test us on how strong our faith is.JOB from bible lost everything he had worked for and his family but he never lost his faith, he had faith  that the GOD that has blessed him before will still bless him again double than what he once had and  God did exactly that.I follow sprinkle if jesus on instagram and the message for this morning was that “for all those doors that closed on you ..you’re walking into season where you will be able to go back and buy the whole building”.Doors might seem to be closing on you but God is watching everything from above and those doors that closed God will provide the keys to open them and they will never close again!.

grayscale photography of woman kneeling on area rug
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Even when your knees are now Swollen because of kneeling down and praying everyday you have to keep going until God  blesses you and thank him for the blessings that are yet to come even though you haven’t received them yet that shows how strong your faith is because you believe in him.Faith is the assurance  of things hoped for,the conviction of things not seen.

At times God gives us ingredients and the rest is up to us,last week as l as going  through my instagram l came across a video of pastor TD Jakes talking about that God never made no one a table or a chair but he made a tree the rest was up to us.When God hands you the tools use them to build your dreams.

We should wait on the Lord and put all trust in him because he knows what is best for his children and when it seems like all hope is lost thats when you need to be strong in faith and prayer  because it might be the point where you are now  close to your breakthrough.When you feel like the world is not being fair and you are running out of time just remember it is never too late and never too early you can still graduate at 40, have children at 30,get married  and start your business at 50.The most important thing is that you believe that nothing is impossible with God he makes a way where there seems to be no way and he creates opportunities where all hope is lost!!!!! PUT YOUR TRUST IN HIM HE BROUGHT YOU INTO THS WORLD FOR A PURPOSE!! 




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