A new start

Hello everyone hope you all doing great..well l am and l am so excited that i will be starting school next month..i’ve been  sitting at home for quiet some time and it was starting to get boring and it was so demotivating at times  now its going to be better because i will have  something […]

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Growing up

Hello everybody hope you all doing great and having and amazing day wherever you are.This month has been great because it was my birthday month and l turned 20! and its been amazing receiving  all the wonderful gifts from my loved ones but the most wonderful thing of all is seeing myself grow up.These past […]

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The road

Hello everybody hope you all having an amazing day wherever you are .My name is Velda and this is my first blog post here…am so excited because i’ve always wanted to open a blog but been holding myself back from opening it .I am currently living in zimbabwe and turning 20 next week,i am going […]

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